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BarTender Professional Application


BarTender Professional is a software application by Seagull Scientific designed to facilitate labeling, marking, and printing. With over 30 years of experience, it’s a trusted solution used by organizations worldwide to enhance safety, security, efficiency, and compliance. The software is aimed at small businesses and departments, providing an array of dynamic features to manage their labeling and printing operations, with a particular emphasis on barcode, card, and RFID tag generation. It can integrate with existing business systems, and its on-demand printing capabilities improve workforce efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Key Features:

  • Label Design and Printing: Offers user-friendly design tools for professional-looking labels, cards, and RFID tags.
  • Data Management: Connects with databases and spreadsheets to dynamically source label data, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with external programs and business systems.
  • Printing Flexibility: Supports printing from any device, including barcode and RFID label encoding.
  • Automation: Streamlines printing operations with features like Intelligent Templates™ to reduce document maintenance.
  • Compliance: Assists organizations in complying with industry regulations and standards, such as GHS, food labeling, and medical device requirements.
  • User Accessibility: Allows multiple users to print from networked PCs and provides password protection for design and printing functions