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Auto-Rig Pro-Blender Market (Perpetual License)


Auto-Rig Pro is a Blender add-on that helps simplify the process of rigging characters for animation. It provides tools for automatically generating rigs for humanoid characters, as well as advanced rigging features for customizing and fine-tuning rigs to suit specific needs.

The “Perpetual License” likely means that once you purchase the license for Auto-Rig Pro from the Blender Market, you have the right to use that version of the software indefinitely. This usually includes access to updates and support for a certain period after purchase, after which you may need to purchase an additional update or support plan if you wish to continue receiving updates and support.

Overall, Auto-Rig Pro can be a valuable tool for animators and character artists working in Blender, helping to streamline the character rigging process and save time