Reduce lead times with professional prepress on Mac

Packaging prepress software for Mac

ArtPro is a full-featured packaging preproduction editor offering unique technologies and dedicated tools focused on your major pre-press pain points (e.g. CAD/graphics misalignments, trapping, distortion, screening, barcodes…).

If you want to drastically reduce the cost of errors and increase the efficiency of your Mac-based preproduction department, ArtPro is the answer.

Unsurpassed productivity

One-up editing

All objects – vectors, live text or images – can be checked for shape, color, screening, transparency, blend mode and its relation in the file structure (compounds groups and layers). And all these parameters can easily be changed.

Barcode creation is straightforward and supports a wide range of industry standards. Advanced cleanup and editing tools allow detailed analyzing and quick processing of even the most complex packaging designs.


The trapping modules offer interactive and automatic trapping functionality. These modules have packaging knowledge at their heart and know how to handle special color pairs, opaque inks, varnishes, white plates, rich black trapping….

Reduce errors with exceptional quality control


Your print files need to be compliant with the limitations of the targeted printing process. Verify your files against specific characteristics or limitations to avoid expensive press stops. Detect missing fonts and images, low resolution or RGB images, small type, thin lines… in a matter of seconds and zoom in automatically on individual violations.


The viewer offers high-resolution separation viewing, as if you were inspecting your final printing plates. Viewer offers Separation preview, Color preview, Total Area Coverage preview, Flexo Plate preview, Flexo Print preview, Moiré Detection and Registration Error preview as well as a precise digital densitometer.




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