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Articulate Studio 1 Year


Articulate Studio is an e-learning authoring software package developed by Articulate. It is designed to help users create interactive e-learning content, such as online courses, quizzes, and presentations.

The “1 Year” likely refers to a subscription or licensing model where the user has access to the software and updates for a period of one year. During this time, users can create and publish e-learning content using Articulate Studio. After the one-year period, users may need to renew their subscription to continue using the software and receiving updates.

Articulate Studio includes several tools that work together to create e-learning content:

Presenter: Allows users to create narrated presentations with interactive elements, such as quizzes and surveys.

Quizmaker: Enables users to create interactive quizzes and assessments with various question types.

Engage: Provides a library of interactive templates for creating interactive learning interactions, such as timelines, labeled graphics, and process interactions.

Replay: Allows users to record and edit screencasts and software simulations