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ArcGIS for Desktop Basic Single Use Perpetual


ArcGIS for Desktop Basic Single Use Perpetual is a licensing model for ArcGIS Desktop Basic, which is a foundational GIS software package offered by Esri.

Here’s a breakdown of the terms:

ArcGIS for Desktop Basic: This version of ArcGIS Desktop provides essential GIS tools for mapping, spatial analysis, and data management. It is suitable for users who need basic GIS functionality for their work.

Single Use Licensing: In a single-use licensing model, a license is tied to a specific machine and can only be used on that machine. This means that the software can be installed on one computer, and only one user can use it at a time.

Perpetual License: A perpetual license allows you to use the software indefinitely. You pay a one-time fee for the license and can continue using the software without any additional payments. However, software updates and technical support may require additional fees