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ArcGIS Desktop Standard – ArcGIS Insight


ArcGIS Insight is a data analysis and visualization tool offered by Esri that allows users to explore spatial and non-spatial data, perform advanced analysis, and create interactive visualizations.

When combined with ArcGIS Desktop Standard, ArcGIS Insight provides additional capabilities for data analysis and visualization. Here’s how it works:

ArcGIS Desktop Standard: This version of ArcGIS Desktop provides advanced GIS tools for mapping, spatial analysis, and data management. It includes features such as geodatabase management, advanced editing tools, and support for a wide range of data formats.

ArcGIS Insight: This is a separate application that can be used alongside ArcGIS Desktop Standard. It allows users to perform advanced data analysis, including spatial analysis, without the need for programming or complex workflows. Users can create interactive dashboards, charts, and graphs to visualize their data and gain insights.