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ApexSQL Compare and Sync Toolkit for SQL Server


The ApexSQL Compare and Sync Toolkit for SQL Server is a software package designed to provide developers and database administrators with tools for comparing and synchronizing SQL Server databases. It includes two main components: ApexSQL Compare and ApexSQL Data Diff.

ApexSQL Compare: This tool allows users to compare the schema of two SQL Server databases and identify the differences between them. It provides a visual representation of the differences, making it easy to see which objects (tables, views, procedures, etc.) have been added, modified, or deleted.

ApexSQL Data Diff: This tool compares the data in two SQL Server databases and identifies differences at the row level. It allows users to synchronize data between the databases, ensuring that they remain consistent.

The toolkit is designed to help developers and database administrators manage database schema changes and ensure data integrity across different environments. It can be particularly useful in scenarios where databases need to be kept in sync, such as in development, testing, and production environments