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Amyuni PDF Converter desktop


Amyuni PDF Converter Desktop is a software application that allows you to create PDF documents from any printable file format. It acts as a virtual printer, so you can “print” your documents to PDF instead of using a physical printer. Here are some key features of Amyuni PDF Converter Desktop:

Print to PDF: Convert documents from any Windows application to PDF format by selecting the Amyuni PDF Converter as your printer.

High-Quality Output: Produces PDF documents with high-quality graphics and text, maintaining the formatting of the original document.

PDF Security: Allows you to apply password protection and encryption to your PDF files to restrict access and prevent unauthorized editing.

PDF Merging and Splitting: Combine multiple documents into a single PDF file or split a PDF file into multiple smaller files.

Watermarking: Add watermarks, such as text or images, to your PDF files for branding or security purposes.

PDF Compression: Reduce the file size of your PDF documents to save storage space and make them easier to share via email or online.

Integration: Integrates with various applications and development environments through a printer driver interface, making it easy to use in your workflow