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Affinity Publisher


Affinity Publisher is a desktop publishing application developed by Serif for macOS and Windows. It is part of the Affinity suite of graphic design software, which also includes Affinity Designer for vector graphics and Affinity Photo for image editing. Affinity Publisher is designed to create professional-looking layouts for print and digital publications, such as magazines, books, brochures, and posters.

Key features of Affinity Publisher include:

Layout Tools: Affinity Publisher offers a wide range of layout tools, including master pages, grids and guides, text wrapping, and linked text frames, to help you create complex layouts with ease.

Typography: The software includes advanced typography tools, such as character and paragraph styles, text decorations, and advanced text flow options, to give you full control over your text.

Graphics Handling: Affinity Publisher supports a variety of image types and offers tools for cropping, masking, and applying effects to images, as well as integrating vector graphics from Affinity Designer.

Import and Export: The software supports importing files from other design applications, such as Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress, and offers export options for print-ready PDFs and digital formats.

Color Management: Affinity Publisher includes color management tools to ensure accurate color reproduction in your designs, including support for CMYK, RGB, and spot colors.

Integration with Affinity Suite: Affinity Publisher integrates seamlessly with other Affinity software, allowing you to easily switch between applications and share assets between projects