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Affinity Designer


Affinity Designer is a vector graphics editor developed by Serif for macOS, Windows, and iOS. It is part of the Affinity suite of graphic design software, which also includes Affinity Photo for photo editing and Affinity Publisher for desktop publishing. Affinity Designer is designed to provide professional-grade vector design tools with a focus on speed, performance, and precision.

Key features of Affinity Designer include:

Vector Drawing Tools: Affinity Designer offers a comprehensive set of vector drawing tools, including pen and pencil tools, shapes, text tools, and a powerful node editing system for creating and editing vector graphics.

Pixel Persona: Affinity Designer includes a Pixel Persona mode that allows you to switch to a raster-based workflow for editing pixel-based images and adding effects to your vector designs.

Artboards: The software supports multiple artboards within a single document, allowing you to work on multiple designs or variations of a design within the same file.

Live Effects and Adjustments: Affinity Designer includes a range of live effects and adjustments, such as blurs, shadows, and color adjustments, that can be applied non-destructively to your designs.

Export Options: The software offers a variety of export options, including support for popular file formats such as SVG, PDF, EPS, and PSD, as well as export presets for web and print.

Integration with Affinity Suite: Affinity Designer integrates seamlessly with other Affinity software, allowing you to easily switch between applications and share assets between projects