Advanced Threat Management


Enable Advanced
Threat Management

Detect, prioritize, examine, remediate advanced attacks from a single powerful console.


Know What an Advanced Persistent Threat Entails

Advanced Persistent Threats are stealthy hacking processes used for business data theft.

Enable Endpoint Security

Proactively setting up Endpoint Security measures is important to limit the scope of a potential Advanced Persistent Threat.

Plan Proactively For Recovery

Attackers will keep trying to break into your system until they get in. Implement layered mechanism to detect this behavior.

Advanced Threat Management Approach

Advanced Persistent Threats are becoming more sophisticated everyday and can slip under the detection of many modern security tools.

Remediate Zero-Day Attacks in Minutes

Granular control:

Refine and organize application control through publisher-based approvals, policy-based control, and protection at the local machine level.


The freedom to create tailored policies for different users and groups for their unique computer usage equirements.

Centralized management:

Deployment and configuration via a single web-based or on-premises console.

Makes your PCs Indestructible

Recent studies show that number of exposed records jumped to 4.2 billion last year, up from 1.1 billion in 2013. Attackers use specific tools to breach business systems and initiate Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) techniques. As the consequences of cyber attacks continue to mount, organizations must understand the dangers associated with Advanced Persistent Threats and how to protect themselves effectively. Advanced Threat Management brings cutting-edge technology specifically built to tackle targeted attacks like Advanced Persistent Threats.



Intuitive, affordable and easy-to-deploy solution to determine the extent of workstation data logging.



Provides active protection that continually runs in the background and helps to identify and block cyberthreats in real time.



Run whitelisted programs only. Unknown executables will not run until vetted by an IT admin.



The penultimate layer in a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Security solutions from Faronics enable your business to improve defenses, reduce risk, and focus on innovation.

Protective Security Barrier

Only allow approved programs to go through and stop processes from trying to rename file extensions, that are known to be set by threats like ransomware, trojans and zero-day threats.

Active Antivirus Protection

Advanced antivirus to stop all known malware, like viruses, worms, and trojans, in case the prevention barrier gets breached. Includes advanced firewall protection.

Restorative Remediation Measures

The powerful reset mechanism of Deep Freeze ensures, just rebooting systems will destroy any malware and restore systems to a known safe state instantly.



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