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Adobe Stock for teams (Other) / Year – Team 40 assets per month


Adobe Stock for teams (Other) – Team 40 assets per month offers teams a flexible and scalable solution for accessing and managing Adobe Stock assets, tailored to their specific asset usage requirements. It provides the tools, resources, and support necessary for teams to enhance their creative projects and collaborate effectively within their team.

Asset Allocation: This plan allows the team to access and download up to 40 assets per month from the Adobe Stock library. Assets may include high-quality images, graphics, templates, videos, and 3D assets for use in creative projects.

Team Collaboration Features: Similar to other Adobe Stock for teams plans, this variant likely includes features designed to facilitate collaboration among team members. This could include shared access to assets, centralized management of licenses, and tools for sharing and reviewing content within the team.

Scalability: While the plan specifies a limit of 40 assets per month, it may also offer scalability to accommodate fluctuations in the team’s asset usage over time. Teams may have the flexibility to adjust their subscription level based on their changing needs.

Flexible Licensing Options: The plan likely offers flexible licensing options, including standard licenses for most common use cases and extended licenses for specialized needs. This ensures that team members can use the assets in their projects with the appropriate permissions and rights.

Integration with Creative Cloud: The subscription plan likely includes seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud applications, allowing team members to access and use Adobe Stock assets directly within their preferred creative tools. This integration streamlines the workflow and enhances productivity.

Dedicated Support: Adobe would likely provide dedicated support to teams using this subscription plan, offering assistance with account management, technical support, and any questions or concerns related to the subscription.