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Acunetix User Training 1 Day (Remote Training)


Acunetix User Training 1 Day (Remote Training) is a service offered by Acunetix or its partners to provide users with comprehensive training on how to use the Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner software effectively. Here’s an overview of what this training typically includes:

Remote Training: The training is conducted remotely, which means that users can participate from anywhere with an internet connection. This can be convenient for users who are not able to attend in-person training sessions.

Duration: The training typically lasts for one day, during which users will receive hands-on instruction on how to use the Acunetix software.

Topics Covered: The training will cover various topics related to using the Acunetix software, including how to set up and configure scans, how to interpret scan results, and how to remediate vulnerabilities.

Hands-On Exercises: The training may include hands-on exercises to help reinforce the concepts covered in the training and provide users with practical experience using the software.

Q&A Session: The training may include a question-and-answer session where users can ask questions and get clarification on any topics covered in the training.

Training Materials: Users may receive training materials, such as manuals or guides, to help them follow along during the training and refer back to later