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Acunetix Professional 10 Targets


Acunetix Professional 10 Targets is a licensing option for the Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner software that allows users to scan up to 10 web applications or websites for security vulnerabilities. Here’s a breakdown of what this offering typically includes:

Acunetix Professional: Acunetix Professional is a version of the Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner software that is designed for professional use. It includes advanced features and capabilities for web application security testing.

10 Targets: This indicates that the license allows the scanning of up to 10 web applications or websites. Each scanned web application or website is counted as a “target.”

Vulnerability Scanning: Acunetix Professional includes tools for scanning web applications and websites for security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and other common vulnerabilities.

Reporting: The software includes reporting features that allow users to generate detailed reports on the security vulnerabilities found during scans. Reports can be customized and exported in various formats.

Integration: Acunetix Professional can be integrated with other security tools and systems to streamline the vulnerability management process