ACL Robotics by Galvanize


ACL Robotics by Galvanize

Optimizing the way governance professionals work by automating time-intensive and repetitive but critical  processes.

Why choose ACL Robotics?

  1. Increase team capacity by reducing repetitive manual tasks like data acquisition, and eliminate the need to chase down requests through email.
  2. Get started quickly with a fully scalable solution designed to be up and running in weeks, not months.
  3. Reduce the risk of human error, with read-only data access, increased reporting transparency, and audit logs to make steps repeatable.
  4. Reduce compliance and audit costs with automated testing for 100% assurance.
  5. Break down silos and build stronger governance by uniting teams like IT, risk, compliance, finance, and audit.

Advanced data analysis

  • Built-in connectors for applications like SAP and Concur make it easy to access, analyze and report on your data. Plus easily access most other data sources with ODBC technology.
  • Eliminate manual testing and sampling with automated monitoring of processes like P2P, SoD, payroll, general ledger analysis, AP analysis, fixed asset management, access control, SOX, and AML.
  • Apply machine learning to drive prescriptive and predictive analytics that help uncover answers to questions you never thought to ask.
  • Manage all your analytic scripts in a central repository with built-in version control so everyone on your team can run your analytics.
  • Access testing ideas and pre-built analytics in our comprehensive script libraries.

Visualizations & reporting

  • Get immediate insights into your risks and compliance by always analyzing 100% of your data and reporting results in real-time.
  • Generate real-time KPIs, KRIs, and other key metrics so that your organization can respond quickly to risks and opportunities.
  • Create visualizations that highlight patterns or outliers within data.
  • Design self-serve dashboards and reports for internal or external stakeholders.
  • Drill down into your data within dashboards to see the underlying data behind your visualizations.

Automation & workflows

  • Automate your entire analytics lifecycle from data acquisition, data cleansing, analysis, and reporting, to taking action on results.
  • Automatically notify key stakeholders when critical thresholds are reached.
  • Address control failures quickly with automated testing and follow-up workflows.
  • Set thresholds for KPIs or KRIs that, when exceeded, send automatic notifications.
  • Create and trigger questionnaires to follow up on exceptions and quantify your findings.



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