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ABSS Additional Data File (5 data files/pack)


ABSS Additional Data File (5 data files/pack) refers to a licensing option for ABSS (formerly MYOB) accounting software that allows you to create additional data files for your accounting records. Here’s a breakdown of what this offering typically includes:

Additional Data Files: The software normally comes with one data file where you store all your accounting data. This offering allows you to create additional data files, which can be useful if you want to separate accounting records for different departments, projects, or entities within your organization.

Pack of 5 Data Files: This offering provides you with a pack of 5 additional data files that you can create and manage using the ABSS software.

Usage: You can use these additional data files to maintain separate accounting records while using the same software installation. Each data file is independent and can be accessed and managed separately.

Benefits: This option allows you to keep your accounting records organized and separate, which can be helpful for reporting, analysis, and compliance purposes. It also provides flexibility in managing multiple entities or projects within your organization.

Licensing: The additional data file pack is typically licensed for use with a single installation of the ABSS software. Additional licenses may be required if you want to use the additional data files on multiple computers