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Overview of Key Features & Benefits

Supported Platform

  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Mac OS 10.11 to 10.14
  • Windows Tablet 8.1 (x86)
  • Terminal Server

Cost Effective

  • For cost and function AB Tutor has been voted best value for money in the independent PC Pro Reviews
  • Shut down all PCs at a set time in line with your school energy saving policies.
  • Teacher/Tutor based licencing, the students (clients) are free
  • Annual subscription or perpetual licensing options available

Central Server

  • Active directory integration with scheduled synchronisation
  • Simple web interface
  • Central storage of all event logs, violations, screenshots and video
  • Emailed violation notifications
  • Default policies applied to all clients
  • Improved security and stability
  • Automatic updating of policies
  • Automatically update Console program and Clients
  • Multiple tutor and administrative logins
  • Centralised individual settings per teacher login
  • Central storage of policies, public & private

Ease of Use

  • Quick, intuitive installation
  • Intuitive Tutor Console with drag and drop capabilities

Classroom Management

  • Power up remote machines
  • Remote Logon
  • Remote logoff and shutdown
  • Schedule remote shutdown
  • Schedule power on
  • Block printing
  • Block USB drives, CDs
  • Mute computers

Remote Control

  • Lock remote screen, keyboard and mouse
  • Take over remote mouse and keyboard
  • Share control of applications with student
  • Launch and close down applications remotely
  • Automatically launch websites or open files remotely
  • Set policy to immediately prevent application from running
  • Keyboard shortcut to release control
  • Randomly select students to display work

Administrative Tools

  • Detailed inventory of remote hardware
  • View and manage remote services and processes
  • Administer remote machines via command prompt
  • Monitor groups of computers and users
  • Central storage of all event logs, violations, screenshots and video
  • Automatic update events when clients re-connect to server
  • Emailed violation notifications
  • Default policies applied to all connections
  • Pop out Windows to make managing groups and console easier
  • Automatically update Tutor program as well as clients
  • Apply policies to groups of devices or users
  • Allow Windows updates to install when shutting down groups of workstations
  • Ability to edit common information on multiple groups
  • Enforce policies when connected to certain networks

Application Control

  • Limit, block or close down applications
  • Launch applications remotely
  • At a glance, see applications students have running
  • Close inappropriate applications
  • Show currently active application
  • Default policies assigned to all clients

Keyword Violation

  • Get notification when specific keywords are typed
  • Receive email notifications of violations
  • Trigger remote screen recording or snapshot upon violation
  • View all violations – screenshots, user details and context
  • Central store for all events
  • Copy and paste lists of keywords from any source
  • Default policies assigned to all clients

Manage Tutors

  • New local web interface for managing licences, tutors and devices
  • Set the level of access for individual teachers/tutors
  • Restrict console use to specific usernames or AD groups
  • Create default policies and lock screens

Manage Groups of Computers/Users

  • Create defined classroom groups of computers or users
  • Automatically apply different policies to different groups of copmuters or users
  • Automatically deploy default policies
  • Import computers and users from active directory with scheduled sync
  • Connect to either all clients or only to pre-defined groups
  • Manage multiple groups
  • Allow clients to join groups dynamically


  • One-to-one and one-to-many text chat
  • One-to-one and one-to-many audio chat
  • Peer to peer collaboration – many-to-many text chat with tutor supervision
  • Broadcast text and audio messages
  • Secure central log of all chats
  • Traffic lights for rapid feedback

Optional Privacy Setting

  • Inform users when a Tutor is watching
  • Suitable for older students or members of staff using client machines
  • Specific permission needed to watch clients

Computer Monitoring

  • Real-time remote screen watch
  • Multiple tutors can monitor student machines
  • Monitor multiple groups simultaneously
  • Network efficient sizeable thumbnail views
  • Monitor running applications
  • Identify what site/file the student is working on
  • Monitor and log student activity (applications, websites, printing and keystrokes)
  • Take time and name-stamped snapshots of student activity
  • Record and play back student screen activity
  • Live search for users/computers
  • Logs stored centrally
  • Keyboard shortcut to release control
  • Request and Remove user names as required
  • Policy to always request mandatory user name

Demo and Share

  • Broadcast tutor screen to students with audio
  • Show static, locked, screen to students
  • Show a student’s screen to others with audio
  • Select screen area to broadcast
  • Add and remove students to demo and exhibit
  • Switch between student demos

Manage Computers

  • Clients always connected when available
  • Create defined classroom groups of computers and/or users
  • Default policies applied to all clients
  • Import from AD

File Management

  • Distribute and/or collect files from students
  • Received files named to allow for easy organisation
  • Remote one-to-one file management
  • Optional compression during file transfer

Internet Monitoring and Control / ESafety

  • Block Ports to prevent any Internet activity
  • Limit web browsing to specified sites
  • Black-list specific sites
  • Filter by URL with wildcard
  • Notifications when students visit specified sites
  • Email notification of violation
  • Store all logs centrally
  • See active webpage at a glance

Question polling

  • Create & distribute single question polls to remote computers
  • Results of poll collected in real-time

Remote Administration Tools

  • Detailed inventory of remote hardware/software
  • View and manage remote services and processes
  • Administer remote machines via command prompt
  • Automatically update Tutor program as well as clients


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