ZENworks Mobile Workspace



Business workflows

  • Access professional resources
  • Read and annotate documents
  • Browse intranet
  • Browser web applications


Easy management

  • Workspace management
  • Apps management
  • Users and groups management
  • Web-based administration
  • Over-the-air configuration
  • Activity reporting


Independent security

  • No reliance on device security
  • Sensitive data isolation
  • Dedicated encryption
  • Dedicated key management
  • Data in-transit protection
  • Data at-rest encryption
  • Strong two-factor authentication
  • Secure user activation
  • Device integrity control


Threats prevention

  • Prevent data sharing
  • Prevent unsecure backup
  • Prevent unsecure caches
  • Prevent device zero-day exploit
  • Prevent identity theft
  • Prevent account takeover
  • Prevent data theft on lost devices
  • Prevent jailbreak
  • Prevent app debugging


SSL certificate management

Easily include mail, LDAP, and document repository certificates.

Support for nested email

Forwarded emails can now be opened from the mail client.

Audio/Video file support

Users can view and listen to media files from email attachments and from corporate repositories.

Secure camera

Photos from the container can be sent as attachments or stored in the document repository.

Support for unique email and LDAP passwords

Photos from the container can be sent as attachments or stored in the document repository.

Calendar enhancements for iOS

Updates to new libraries give users with the latest iOS calendar experience.

PIM and the Security Server Console merged

This further simplifies the admin experience

What’s new in ZENworks Mobile Workspace 3.18

Faster access to Workspace with a biometrically protected password

When you want to open Workspace, you can simply use fingerprint/face recognition to unlock the password, eliminating the hassle of entering your password.

Displaying images in-line with messages

Where applicable, Workspace now displays images in-line with messages, instead of including them as an attachment.


Workspace now displays the email address of the sender, a highly-requested feature.

Font size

Workspace now recognizes and uses the font size of your device.

Group settings

Workspace settings can now be configured per user-group (instead of at the domain level as in v3.17). This gives administrators more granular control over settings such as Browser Home Page, Browser Bookmarks, etc.

What’s new in ZENworks Mobile Workspace 3.17

Change password

Admins can now enable users to change their password from their mobile device—whether it’s the first time they log in to the app or when their password is due to expire.

Secure caller identification

ZMW displays the caller ID for contacts within the ZMW contacts list and keeps their details secure by not syncing the information with the native app’s contacts list.


Push web applications

Admins can define the home page of the ZMW secure browser; they can also configure web apps so that users can access them directly from the ZMW web apps link.


Unified settings

A new unified Settings page enables users to access the settings of all apps from a single location; this includes Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Change Password, and Logout.


Client log access

For easier troubleshooting, Admins can now enable the client logs on a user’s device and view the log details within the ZMW administration console.



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