SPSS Statistic Base 25 Education


IBM SPSS software for education

IBM SPSS® software enables educators to teach effectively, helps students gain critical analytical skills and supports more accurate and insightful institutional research and decision-making. Read on to learn more about SPSS academic software.

Products and programs

SPSS Statistics Campus

IBM SPSS Campus Edition licensing plan offers maximum flexibility and scalability by enabling schools to provide unlimited access to authorized users while streamlining software delivery and administration.

SPSS Statistics Faculty Pack

Faculty Packs are cost-effective, single-user licenses that enable educators to easily integrate statistics and quantitative methodology into their curriculum.

SPSS Modeler MAP

IBM SPSS MAP is a program that provides no cost use of SPSS Modeler Premium data mining and text analytics software for classroom teaching and research.

SPSS Statistics Gradpack

Gradpacks are affordable, single-user licenses that provide students with essential analytical tools to support their graduate and undergraduate studies.



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