Minitab 19



Insights is the Flagship Event
for Minitab Software Users

Many of the most important questions about a company are the simplest. Why do people choose our products over our competitors? How can we reduce costs while maintaining quality? Which equipment presents the greatest risk of failure?

Getting the answers to those questions can be complex – requiring the proper skills, tools and processes. So where do you start?

Our fourth annual Minitab Insights Conference, held October 8-11 at the Lansdowne Resort & Spa in Leesburg, Virginia, is here to help you on your data analysis journey.

Everyone can take their first step – from those just beginning with statistical analysis to accomplished data analysis experts and key decision makers. Discover the 5 Whys you should attend in 2019:

Discover the Future

Test upcoming software enhancements and new products while providing direct feedback at our User-Centered Design Studio.

Experience Minitab 19

Better, faster and easier than ever before,  Minitab 19 will be available for attendees to try on both Mac and PC at the Minitab Lab.

Maximize Your Time

Access all presentation recordings (for attendees only!) and build lasting professional relationships with networking opportunities



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