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Maya 2022 Commercial



Autodesk Maya is professional 3D software for crafting immersive worlds, complex characters, and Hollywood-caliber effects. Employ powerful animation tools to infuse life into 3D models, whether they be digitally duplicated humans or adorable cartoon characters. Maya’s intuitive modeling tools enable the shaping of 3D objects and environments, augmented by Bifrost, a visual programming environment that simplifies the creation of complex simulations.

Key Features:

  • Bringing Characters to Life: Use engaging animation tools to animate lifelike characters.
  • Intuitive Modeling Tools: Sculpt 3D objects and landscapes.
  • Realistic Effects: Simulate explosions, cloth movement, and more.
  • Rendering with Arnold: Integrate CPU and GPU rendering with artist-friendly controls for quick iterations.
  • Bifrost for Maya: Develop detailed simulations and environments without coding.
  • Systematic Workflows: Focus on ingenuity and promptness with efficient workflows.
  • Complexity Scaling: Confidently construct complex shots, realms, and protagonists with industry-leading tools