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Maximize Asset Availability and Utilization with Servigistics

Servigistics is the undisputed leader with the industry’s broadest, deepest and most robust service parts optimization capabilities.

Multi-Echelon Optimization

Determine the lowest cost solution to achieve a desired service level across a multi-echelon supply chain using advanced optimization solvers.

Demand Planning

Accurately plan and forecast for complex supply chain challenges like low-volume and sporadic demand, new product introduction and endo-of-life, and a rapidly changing install base with frequent engineering changes.

Connected Service Parts Management

The combined power of Servigistics and ThingWorx collects data directly from your install base to improve forecast accuracy and deliver next-level value.

Servigistics Success Stories

Servigistics empowers organizations to increase asset uptime, service parts availability and sustain a thriving service business.


Metso Implements Servigistics in the Cloud to Unearth Value from its Global Supply Chain

Meet Our Experts

Servigistics is trusted by more clients than any other service parts optimization solution. The experience of our principal thought leaders spans every vertical, capability, best practice and innovation.

Explore Our Legacy

Explore 39 years of past performance with purpose-built innovations that make up the undisputed industry leading service parts optimization solution.



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