ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack


ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack

Develop Mainframe Apps in the Environment you Prefer

Additional user interfaces for ChangeMan ZMF z/OS development environments


Modern mainframe software development occurs on both mainframe and distributed systems. Open up new options for user interfaces using the client pack for ChangeMan® ZMF. Now you can develop and maintain your z/OS applications in the environment you prefer.

More flexibility with ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse plug-in

ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse supports all popular Eclipse – and Windows-based environments including Micro Focus Enterprise Developer. Develop off the mainframe while continuing to benefit from the version control, build management, release management, and deployment capabilities of ChangeMan ZMF.

Windows Explorer for z/OS with ChangeMan ZDD

Browse your mainframe system as if it were a network file system. From a Windows desktop, ChangeMan ZDD provides access to data sets, job submission, job output, and to ChangeMan ZMF components as if they were local files. And all your existing access and security is still enforced – without special programming.



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