TuneUp Utilities



TuneUp Utilities just got better

Speed up, clean up, and fix up all your PCs with the
new-and-improved TuneUp Utilities: now called AVG TuneUp.

Everything you love about TuneUp Utilities® plus so much more:

  • NEW tuning dashboard
  • NEW Software Uninstaller
  • NEW History Manager
  • IMPROVED Disk & Browser Cleaning
  • ROUTINELY updated & fully supported

See how much more you get

Have TuneUp Utilities, or trying to get it? Then you’re in the right place: because on top of updating the name, we’ve completely re-engineered the TuneUp you know and love, and packed in all-new features.

TuneUp Utilities 2014

  • ManintenanceCleans up and speeds up your PC
  • Speed upSpeeds up your PC using Sleep Mode.
  • Disk & Browser CleanupCleans up more than 100 applications and browsers
  • Support status: End of lifeTuneUp Utilities no longer receives bugfixes or critical updates

AVG TuneUp

  • Automatic MaintenanceIMPROVEDCleans and speeds up PCs, as well as deleting treacherous tracking cookies once per week.
  • Speedup technologyIMPROVEDA drastically improved Sleep Mode to boost performance even further
  • Disk & Browser CleanupIMPROVEDCleans up 200+ apps and now supports the latest browsers and programs.
  • Continuous updatesWe’ll give you all the essential updates and security patches.
  • History ManagerNEWGives you a complete log of your past optimizations
  • Full Windows 10 supportNEWFull support for Windows 10 and all future versions
  • Tuning dashboardNEWA brand-new UI that makes tuning up easier
  • Software UninstallerNEWGets rid of bloatware and adware bogging down your PC.
  • Unlimited InstallsNEWInstall AVG TuneUp on every PC in your household.
  • Automatic Software UpdaterNEWUpdates the most critical programs on your PC to plug security holes and fix bugs.




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